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Introducing the new Sky Business and Giacom partnership.

We're excited to launch Sky Business Wholesale into the Channel, giving partners access to an innovative new supplier through Giacom.

With our combined experience, scale and ambition, we’ll deliver a trusted suite of connectivity products, designed for the Channel.

As we launch this new partnership, we're thrilled to bring Sky Ethernet to Giacom partners, available via the Cloud Market Portal now!

Together, Sky Business Wholesale and Giacom have your back, making it easy for you to deliver great service and business-critical connectivity to your customers.

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Connectivity to rely on

A network that keeps your customers running 24/7/365, with 99.99% reliability uptime.

Designed for the Channel

Our products are built with you in mind, enabling you to build out your connectivity proposition.

Introducing Sky Ethernet

100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet, enabling the Channel to deliver the best connectivity to every size of business.

Why Giacom and Sky Business?

Bringing together Sky’s advanced Ethernet network and Giacom’s great service dedication to the Channel.

With 97% of UK businesses able to connect to Sky's network, Giacom partners can diversify their portfolio with an additional supplier, serving businesses nationwide with over 2,800 Ethernet-enabled exchanges.

But it doesn't stop there, we're working on exciting roadmap of additional, game-changing products for 2024.

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Sky Business terms and conditions
UK-wide Coverage: All products and services are tailored to each client and are subject to availability and location.